Trauma Recovery & Treatment with Dr Meichenbaum

I am pleased to be able to invite you to a very special event with Dr Donald Meichenbaum my hero and a true CBT legend. This is a one off ‘Covid-19 fundraising event for India’ which you could attend with a donation of your choice, starting from only £5 and going up to £500 per person – the workshop will take place on Friday 16th July 2021 from 10.00am until 17.30 GMT

Explore the fundamentals of the trauma treament with one of the most influential behavioural therapists who has been there from the very beginning of CBT, the creator of ‘Stress Innoculation Training’ and Research Director at the Melissa Institute.

All made possible by UKCHH principle Mark Davis via one of the most reputable London colleges that teaches evidence-based psychological treatments.

Click on the link and donate as little as £5 to hear from world leading therapist

See you on Friday 16th July !